Market and Social Research

Bainbridge Consulting offers customised market research and social research. Our market research helps you understand your customers, your competitors, and your marketing environment, whilst our social research provides meaningful insights and reliable indicators about social environments and outcomes. We apply the latest theories and intelligent, rigorous design to provide accurate and timely research that allows you to make clear and unambiguous decisions.

What Is Market Research?

Prior to any commercial endeavours, whether starting, running, or selling a business, restructuring, or diversifying your products and services, market research can help you to develop and improve your business, financial, and marketing plans by providing relevant and timely insights about how best to propel the business and tap the most promising opportunities. Market research is very affordable with most businesses able to gain many benefits from using it.

Market research can answer:

  • Is there a need for the product or service you are offering;

  • Who is your target market;

  • How do your customers perceive your product or service;

  • What features of your product or service are most valued by your customers;

  • How satisfied are your customers with the product or service you are offering;

  • How loyal are your customers, and;

  • Are there funding grants that I can access for my business.

It also investigates the impact of the:

  • Location of the main market;

  • Size of the market (Is it growing or decreasing);

  • Characteristics of the market (Gender, age, inclination and/or ability to spend);

  • Changing social trends and attitudes;

  • Government legislation, and;

  • Emergence of new information and communication tools.

Market Research Methods

Our market research methods include qualitative, quantitative, or hybrid research studies. We use many different survey techniques including online, mobile, paper-based, postal mail, and telephone surveys. We also use face to face interviews and focus group discussions; and data analysis and data visualisation of structured and unstructured data.

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What Is Social Research?

Social researchers employ a range of methods in order to analyse a vast breadth of social phenomena. From census survey data derived from millions of individuals, to the in-depth analysis of a single agents' social experiences. From monitoring what is happening on contemporary streets, to the investigation of ancient historical documents.

Social research helps you understand how the public feels and may react to major issue or a series of minor social problems, as well as providing you with current views and insights on different government policies and programs. These may be major policies impacting the general public, or they may be bespoke programs that target certain groups or localities.

The social research that we provide is customised to your needs. When designing your research project, our highly educated and experienced researchers work with you to select from a range of quantitative, qualitative, or hybrid research methods from which they deliver a meaningful summary of findings, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations.

Social Research Methods

Our social research methods include exploratory research, tracer and historical studies, benchmarking and community surveys, video and/or observational ethnographic studies. We use a number of research techniques such as online, paper-based, telephone and face to face interviews and surveys, omnibus surveys, cross sectional or longitudinal observation and tracking, policy and program review and evaluation, focus group discussions and use of social media.

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