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Bainbridge Consulting offers customised market research and social research. Our market research helps you understand your customers, your competitors, and your marketing environment, whilst our social research provides meaningful insights and reliable indicators about social environments and outcomes. We apply the latest theories and intelligent, rigorous design to provide accurate and timely research that allows you to make clear and unambiguous decisions.

What is Market Research?

Prior to any commercial endeavours, whether starting, running, or selling a business, restructuring, or diversifying your products and services, market research can provide relevant and timely insights that facilitate evidence-based decision making. Market research can capture and analyse your customer data, examine emerging trends and potential disruptors, benchmark your business against industry averages, increase your productivity, reduce your costs, optimise operations management, evaluate opportunities for outsourcing and expansion, develop and position your marketing strategy, and ultimately drive your business innovation and growth.

There are two types of market research. Secondary research helps you to learn general information about your market, industry, and potential customers. Information can be collected from the internet, historical customer data, big data, open data, spatial data, and specialist data providers often at relatively low cost. Primary research helps you to learn about your target audience, their interests, attitudes, and needs. It also helps you to learn ways you can improve your products and services, better serve your customers, stand out from your competitors, minimise risk, identify growth opportunities, and even access funding through grants.

Research often includes questionnaires, surveys, observation, in-depth interviews, and focus group interviews. Which method you choose depends on the questions you seek answers to. If money is tight, we can help you to do your own research. If you’d rather outsource the entire project, our low overheads mean you’ll pay less. When designing your research project, we work with you to clarify and understand your requirements. The process includes formulating questions, sampling, measurement, research design, data analysis, and writing the research paper which presents a summary of findings, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations.

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What is Social Research?

Social research can be quantitative, qualitative, or both. It aims to provide objective, reliable, relevant, and timely insights which support the successful development, implementation, review and evaluation of policy and delivery. It ensures policy debate is informed by the best evidence and thinking by providing in-depth data and objective analysis on what people and organisations think, how they behave, and why they may not be responding to initiatives as planned. It ensures government and front-line decision makers have an understanding of the people and organisations affected by that decision and the wider social consequences.

Our Education research helps primary, secondary, and tertiary educators by offering services such as program and policy development, evaluation research, tracking studies, tender writing services, and grants funding submissions. Grant and tender writing services involve designing customised, innovative solutions, which include project plan development and SWOT analysis. We can also undertake high level research and utilise government and private sector procurement plans to expand business potential for clients. Our researchers will liaise with key stakeholders and government representatives to ensure compliance and capability.

Our Healthcare research provides analysis and critique of organisational and government policies that will shape your advocacy position and inform your interactions with government and other stakeholders. By working with you to define, differentiate, and communicate your service offerings, we help you to align with the missions and mandates of government and philanthropic bodies so that you can gain easy access to funding opportunities. By preparing funding and managing submissions and the evaluation of projects and services associated with the requirements of funding bodies, we help to reduce your administrative burden.

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