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We are in a period of significant change unlike any other in human history. Information is being created at an astonishing rate. In the last two years alone, more than 90% of the world's data has been produced. The main driver is transactional data being produced by companies, financial institutions, and online intermediaries. This includes trillions of bytes of information about customers, suppliers, and operations. As researchers, our job is to analyse this information, discover meaningful insights, and present them in ways that are easy to understand. So our mission is simple - We tell stories with data!

Services to Business

No matter whether you are starting, running, restructuring, diversifying, or selling your business, we can help you to develop and improve your business sales and marketing performance by providing a research-informed perspective derived from data-driven knowledge and the wisdom of our highly experienced researchers and consultants. We offer a range of research and analytics services which capture and analyse your customer information, examine emerging trends and potential disruptors, benchmark your business against industry averages, develop and position your marketing strategy, optimise financial and operations management, increase your productivity and reduce your costs, evaluate opportunities for outsourcing and expansion, drive your business innovation and growth, and ultimately provide evidence-based decision making.

Services to Government

We offer quantitative and qualitative research across all areas of government policy and service delivery including program evaluation, population studies, community health and wellbeing, workplace participation, social inclusion, and cultural studies. We also offer client satisfaction studies across all government programs and services. Our research consists of a full range of methods, including face-to-face, paper-based, online, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and case studies. Our methods and strategies are customised to suit our client’s needs. We occasionally partner with other research providers to offer clients the most appropriate research methods. As a small independent research provider, we are unaligned and impartial.

Services to Education

Our Education industry research builds upon the services we offer to business and government. In particular, we help educators by offering services such as program and policy development, grants funding submissions, tender writing services, evaluation research, and tracking studies. Grant and tender writing services involve designing customised, innovative solutions, which include project plan development and SWOT analysis. We can also undertake high level research and utilise government and private sector procurement plans to expand business potential for clients. Our researchers will liaise with key stakeholders and relevant government units to ensure compliance and capability.

Services to Healthcare

Our Healthcare industry research builds upon the services we offer to business and government. In particular, our analysis and critique of organisational and government policies will shape your advocacy position and inform your interactions with government and other stakeholders. By working with you to define, differentiate, and communicate your service offerings, we help you to align with the missions and mandates of government and philanthropic bodies so that you can gain easy access to funding opportunities. By preparing funding and managing submissions and the evaluation of projects and services associated with the requirements of funding bodies, we help to reduce your administrative burden.

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