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Bainbridge Consulting offers customised market research and social research throughout the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba regions. We operate from our office in North Lakes and have meeting rooms in the city. Our experience includes many years at senior executive levels within business, government, and not-for-profit. We also coordinate, collaborate and partner with other researchers and consultants on a case by case basis to offer services we cannot supply.

Brendan Tuppack

Brendan has more than 20 years experience as a Managing Director and Business Advisor. His company Bainbridge Consulting offers customised market research, social research, data analytics, information services, business advisory, and training services. Prior to this, he worked for fourteen years as a sales and marketing manager, business development manager, and account manager, representing leading manufacturers and resellers in the information technology industry.

As a Managing Director, he coordinates, collaborates and partners with market and social researchers in order to provide owners and managers with objective, accurate and timely insights and reliable indicators which support strategic thinking, planning, and decision making processes. By reimagining and repurposing organisations, he helps to develop a sustainable long-term mission and vision, clarify their values and goals, and develop plans that drive organisational success.

As a Business Advisor, he helps sales and marketing managers drive demand and develop sustainable long-term relationships with prospects and customers by planning and implementing well researched, innovative sales and marketing programmes. He also helps sales and marketing team members to evaluate their performance, formulate strategies for improvement and growth, and set goals which provide clarity, purpose, and alignment with the overall business strategy.

Carmela Lagasca

Carmela has more than 20 years experience in market and social research, with half of that time spent here and the other half abroad. Before coming to Australia, she was as a Professor at URS, lecturing in business and communication research subjects. Since then, she has focused on qualitative and quantitative research, evaluation, and policy review. She is currently working as a Research Manager for Brisbane Catholic Education and as a Non-Executive Director of Bainbridge Consulting.

Carmela has a unique ability to synthesize large amounts of information. This allows her to provide highly relevant and reliable insights which can be used to realign and refocus organisational direction and culture, and to identify opportunities for growth. Carmela spends a great deal of her time helping senior management succeed. She is well known for her hard work, dedication, intelligence, communication skills, and her ability to understand and manage teams.

Her educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research, a Master of Arts in Education majoring in Education Management, and a Master of Development Communication. More recently, she's completed a Master of Philosophy and is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy, with both of these through The University of Queensland. She is married to Brendan and has three adult children. Both Carmela and Brendan are regular attendees at their local church.

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