About Us

We Tell Stories With Data

We are in a period of significant change unlike any other in human history. Information is being created at an astonishing rate. In the last two years alone, more than 90% of the world's data has been produced. The main driver is transactional data being produced by companies, financial institutions, and online intermediaries. This includes trillions of bytes of information about customers, suppliers, and operations. As researchers, our job is to analyse this information, discover meaningful insights, and present them in ways that are easy to understand. So our mission is simple - We tell stories with data!

Business Overview

Bainbridge Consulting is a network of high achieving research and consulting specialists, most of whom are senior executives with extensive experience. We are committed to quality and consistency, and are passionate about the success of our clients. We inspire and improve organisations through change.

We offer customised research and consulting services which help our clients achieve improvements in their business, financial, sales, and marketing activities. We also offer customised social research which provides meaningful insights and reliable indicators about social environments and outcomes.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia and primarily serve clients located throughout South East Queensland. We also serve clients who are located nationally and internationally depending on their individual circumstances.

We are committed to service quality and excellence in everything we do. We endeavour to provide our best efforts for every client, earning their trust and loyalty through our professional and personal behaviours.

Our History

Bainbridge Financial Planning Pty Ltd was registered in 2002. We offered business financial planning and consulting. From 2005 to 2007, we became an authorised representative of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd.

In 2007, we changed our name to Bainbridge Consulting Pty Ltd to reflect a changed focus and new range of services. These included market research, social research, and data analytics. In 2017, our operations were briefly suspended due to the illness of the owner. At that time, we changed our legal structure, refocused our business, and simplified our operations.

Professional Culture

We maintain a professional culture. We want everyone to be a hands-on contributor and to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions. We believe that our culture is our greatest asset and primary source of competitive advantage. We value diversity and inclusion and always try to show respect for the views an opinions of others, especially when we don't agree.

With regard to our cultural goals and aspirations, we:

  • Align the interests of our team mates with those of our clients so that we work as a team towards common goals;
  • Prioritise working with clients who are a good fit for our business even if we sacrifice more lucrative work;
  • Ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work and if not, work to resolve any potential problems;
  • Operate an open door policy and are transparent about all issues with our clients, employees, and stakeholders;
  • Facilitate relevant regular professional development and training in order to keep our skills and knowledge current;
  • Aim to keep our employees happy so they work hard for our clients and therefore feel rewarded by their efforts;
  • Ensure employees feel valued and encourage them to speak up if they don’t feel that way or have any concerns;
  • Build a culture which rewards the people who are passionate about serving clients and excited about their job;
  • Hire people who are hungry for knowledge and who feed that hunger by going that extra mile for our clients;
  • Build relationships by fostering cross-team collaboration and accountability so our clients have a great experience;
  • Create a better world and have a positive impact in the lives of others through our work and the insights we share.

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