Bainbridge Consulting offers customised market research and social research. Our market research helps you understand your customers, your marketplace and your competitors, whilst our social research provides meaningful insights and reliable indicators about social environments and outcomes. We apply the latest theories and intelligent, rigorous design to provide accurate and timely research that allows you to make clear and unambiguous decisions.

Large, Medium, and Small Business

Prior to any commercial endeavours, whether starting, running, or selling a business, restructuring, or diversifying your products and services, market research can help you to develop and improve your business, financial, and marketing plans by providing relevant and timely insights about how best to propel the business and tap the most promising opportunities.

Market research can answer questions such as:
  • Is there a need for the product or service you are offering
  • Who is your target market
  • How do your customers perceive your product or service
  • What features of your product or service are most valued by your customers
  • How satisfied are your customers with the product or service you are offering
  • How loyal are your customers, and
  • Are there funding grants that I can access for my business

Market research also investigates the business impacts of the following:
  • Location of the main market
  • Size of the market (is it growing or decreasing)
  • Characteristics of the market (gender, age, inclination and/or ability to spend)
  • Changing social trends and attitudes
  • Government legislation, and
  • Emergence of new information and communication tools

Federal, State and Local Government

We offer quantitative and qualitative research across all areas of government policy and service delivery including program evaluation, population studies, community health and wellbeing, workplace participation, social inclusion, and cultural studies. We also offer client satisfaction studies across all government programs and services. Our research consists of a full range of methods, including, face-to-face and/or online surveys or focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and case studies. We customise our methods and strategies to suit our client’s needs. We also partner with relevant research providers to offer clients the most appropriate research methods. Client confidentiality is assured.

Universities, TAFE Colleges, RTOs, and Schools

We help educators to succeed by offering services such as program and policy development, grants funding submissions and tender writing services, evaluation research, and tracking studies. Grant and tender writing services involve designing customised, innovative solutions, which include project plan development and SWOT analysis. We can undertake high level research and utilise government and private sector procurement plans to expand business potential for clients. Our staff will liaise with key stakeholders and relevant government units to ensure compliance and capability.

Industry and Professional Associations

Industry and professional associations have particular needs. Typically this translates into lengthy discussions about how to improve member services and thereby be perceived as offering greater value and relevance. To do this, we offer members satisfaction studies, tracking studies, evaluation research, program and policy development, funding grants submissions and tender writing services. Our services include project plan development and research-informed marketing and communications strategies, tactics and materials that will allow you to attract more members and sponsors, deliver compelling services to the community you operate in, enhance the quality of the services you offer, and help you assess your association’s value and key performance indicators through benchmarking and best practice research.

Not-For-Profit and Community Organisations

In the not-for-profit sector, we work with charities, including public benevolent institutions (PBI's) and health promotion charities (HPC's), and other non-profit and community organisations in a number of ways. Typically, these involve either ad-hoc, project-based, or short-term research. But for clients requiring long-term care, we offer research facilitation, where we act as a manager of research conducted by their organisation, and research contracting, where we do everything for an agreed contract period. Under all of these arrangements, we offer comprehensive research to develop business and/or organisational plans, evaluate programs and identify business grant and funding opportunities.

We can also provide analysis and critique of existing and potential government policies that can shape your advocacy position and inform your interactions with government and other stakeholders. By working with organisations to define, differentiate, and communicate their service offerings, we help them to align with the missions and mandates of government and philanthropic bodies so that they can gain easy access to funding opportunities. By preparing funding submissions and supporting materials, as well as managing the evaluation of projects and services associated with the requirements of funding bodies, we help to reduce the administrative burden.