The Ethical Rules We Support

The Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour is intended to set out the ethical rules which market and social researchers must follow; enhance the public’s confidence in market research and social research by emphasising the rights and safeguards to which they are entitled; emphasise the need for a special responsibility when seeking the opinions of children, young people and vulnerable groups in the community; and minimise the need for governmental and/or intergovernmental legislation or regulation.

The Code of Professional Behaviour

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The Code defines the following fundamentals:

  • Researchers must conform to all relevant state, national and international laws;

  • Researchers must behave ethically and must not do anything which might damage the reputation of market, social and organisational research;

  • Researchers must take special care when carrying out research among children and young people and other vulnerable groups in the community;

  • Participants’ cooperation is voluntary and must be based on adequate, and not misleading, information about the general purpose and nature of the project when their agreement to participate is being obtained and all such statements must be honoured;

  • The rights of participants as individuals must be respected by researchers. They must not be harmed or adversely affected as a result of cooperating in a research project;

  • Participants’ identifiable research information must not, without their consent, be revealed to anyone not directly involved in the research project and not be used for any non-research activity directed to individual participants;

  • Researchers must ensure that projects and activities are designed, carried out, reported and documented accurately, transparently and objectively;

  • Researchers must conform to accepted principles of fair competition.

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